You sit and relax on a rocky point adjacent to the Bar. The perfect place to take in your surroundings. Sitting here, you can see for miles up and down the coastline framed by a backdrop of mountainous peaks covered in rain forest. You have been looking forward to this for weeks since deciding with the family on Hawaii Resort Family Suites for your annual weeks holiday……… and now here you are.

Your mind turns to the days ahead and how to fit everything that’s been loosely planned into a week. The kids want to visit Ujang Kulong National Park hoping to see a Rhino and you are planning a days diving at Pulau Sanghyang and maybe some fishing too. And the family day trip to see Krakatau Volcano and a picnic on the beach is a must.

After an seemless check-in to the resort, it looks like you are in for great week. Only thing left to do right now, take off the watch, turn off the mobile, relax


Check In